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Julie Shapiro

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Julie Shapiro
Landscape Designer

Julie has a lifelong love of plants that led her to landscape architecture, and she remains fascinated by the cultural importance of ecology and wild spaces in contemporary cities. Julie holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia, and a Bachelor in Biology from Oberlin College.

Julie was on the editorial team of Lunch 11: Domestication, which was selected for inclusion in the 2017 Open Issues Symposium at the Harvard GSD. During her stint at Arquitectura Agronomía (Barcelona, Spain), her research on playscapes was implemented at the Parque de los Primeros Pasos in Caracas, Venezuela.  Her recent independent work has focused on queer identity and public landscapes, and she explores curation and exhibition design as modes of research and activism in architectural fields.



Toronto York Street Park

Thayer Academy Middle School

Three Barns Residence

Phil Hardberger Park Land Bridge



Paper Tiger