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JULY 2018


Summer Retreat at Charbrook Farm and Four New STIMSON Associates!

Charbrook Farm hosted the summer retreat for STIMSON. As a design team, we spend a lot of time around tables drawing and charretting, but we also spend a lot of time around tables eating! The summer retreat is a chance for us to bring our families and loved ones together and enjoy an afternoon of on-the-farm food. This year, we partnered up with Wheelhouse Farm from Amherst, who prepared our own Charbrook Farm lamb, and an incredible spread of other amazing locally-sourced and seasonally-inspired dishes.

The rain held out and it was a memorable meal. We also made several announcements, including the promotion of four new Associates: Stephen Carrolla, Laura Gomez, Sara Lawrence and David Nielsen. We are thrilled to recognize the four of them for their love of design, creativity, dedication to the studio and overall leadership. 


Lauren Stimson