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September 2016


Tower Hill Botanic Garden Master Plan Approved!

After a yearlong intensive Master Plan process with Tower Hill Botanic Garden and its stakeholders, STIMSON is excited to announce that the Master Plan has been unanimously approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees. STIMSON and its team of sub consultants (DesignLAB, ConsultEcon, New England Environmental, Roll Baressi, and VJ Associates) collaborated to create a new 30 year plan that builds upon the strength of the existing core buildings and gardens, while also embracing the outlying natural areas adjacent and connected to the Wachusett Reservoir. The new plan framework celebrates the deep-rooted agrarian history of the Tower Hill site in both built form and botanic garden collection. The plan carefully terraces the rolling glacial topography of the site to integrate an east-west experience, while implementing universal access as a vital component to creating a garden that can be enjoyed by everyone. Weaving the garden experience into the natural ecosystem of the 132 acre site provides important educational experiences that correlate with the mission of the Worcester County Horticultural Society. The Master Plan exemplifies the themes of Botanic Beauty, Agrarian Gardens, Cultivated Wild and Sustainability to strengthen and build the program and identity of Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

Ngoc Doan