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October 2016


New Year. New Quad.

STIMSON was excited to welcome the students of Williams College back to campus with the completion of their new humanities quad. For the past three years STIMSON has worked closely with the school designing a new quad to appropriately re-frame the renovated Stetson Library and the long views toward the Green Mountains. The college was very supportive with the vision of using local marble from the nearby Vermont to help frame and shape the edges of the quad, and pay tribute to the regions rich history of the material and masonry. The positive response to the design is best recorded by a senior student, Malcolm Moutenot, in an article in the Williams Record referencing STIMSON to “crush landscape design for higher learning institutions and prep schools in New England.” Well done STIMSON!

Summer saw the completion of the library quad into a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly green space in the heart of campus, creating new gathering spaces and connections from Park Street and the Frosh Quad to Sawyer Library.
Ngoc Doan