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November 2014


Re-envisioning Pulaski Park

STIMSON has been working closely with the local community and City officials over the past year on the re-invention of Pulaski Park, the historic central green space located on Main Street in Northampton, MA. A series of public workshops occurred over the summer that helped shape the concept for the park improvements. The concept focuses on making the City's progressive environmental ethic visible in the new park landscape. The site design interprets the historic ecology of the Mill River that once ran adjacent to the park through a palette of native riparian and woodland plants, integrates green infrastructure and the harvesting of stormwater from Main Street into a stormwater garden, creates a new civic green and public plaza, and reclaims the abandoned hillside edge as 'the Overlook'. The City was recently awarded a $400,000 PARC Grant from the State for improvements to the Park!

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Ngoc Doan