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We believe in the art, craft and durability of materials. We take what is meaningful from history and bring it forward. Our work is grounded in hand drawing, research, meticulous detailing, and cutting-edge mechanical and industrial fabrication.

Although we are fluent in the latest technological advances, we still rely heavily on the attention to detail and skill that can only come directly from the human hand. The artisanal movement and the appreciation of slowness is more commonly applied to food, drink and specialty makers. We feel it is completely relevant to our work within the field of landscape architecture.

Our tendency is to not rush an idea and to study multiple options. We charrette hard and fast when needed, but always favor a well-studied solution. During our design process, we collaborate closely with our clients, architects, engineers, masons, carpenters, craftspeople and makers to explore both traditional and innovative methods of construction. We rely on the use of local, durable and contextual materials. Always respecting the context of the site and responding to the shifting layers of the landscape.

This catalogue is an homage to our love of craft. It is an on-going archival process that we invite you to explore. 

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We believe in the art, craft and durability
of materials.


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